Stroke Support Group- An Open Discussion about Caregivers

Location: HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital
254 Pleasant Street, Concord NH 03301

Caregiving is hard work, no question or doubt about it. It is hard for the care giver, but also hard for the recipient as many of us don’t want to be in the position of requiring help, must less recovering from something that put us there to begin with.

In her talk entitled “Coping with Caregiving” Donna will give us insights into why good communication is so important and how to accomplish it; how to have reasonable goals and expectations for each other; how to try and see things from the other person’s point of view; and why time away dedicated to positive self-care is so very important for each of you.

Donna Deos is the founder of DonnaDeos, LLC a company dedicated to helping people help the ones they love the most as they face the challenges of aging and unexpected medical conditions. She comes to it naturally from first-hand experience in both the Senior Living Industry and from caring for her Grandmother and both of her parents prior to their passing. The info she provides is real tried and true tactics and tips geared at giving you control amongst the chaos that you are currently facing. Feel free to check out her website at for more information.

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Jessalynn Geerdes
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